July 11th, 2010

at the boardwalk

A wee found poem

This week, Angela De Groot's and my writing exercise is to write a found poem. It could be on any topic, but it has to be composed of words "found" somewhere (e.g., in a book, from a movie, on a sign, etc.). Additional rules: You can edit words out, but can't add any in - except for a title. You can also add punctuation and mess with capitalization.

I was playing around with the titles of various Beatles songs (hear that slatts and jamarattigan?), and came up with three. Here's a (very) short one - each line is its own Beatles song title, except for the fourth line, for which I edited out the "Why don't we" at the start.

by Kelly R. Fineman

I'm so tired.
I've got a feeling
I will
do it in the road.

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