July 21st, 2010

Anne Eliot writing

The End

Well. *blinks at the bright light of day and the Internet* Hello there!

I know I've been a bit odd lately. Well, odder than usual. Maybe you haven't noticed, but I certainly have. It's because I've been thisclose to finishing the Jane Project, which is (as most of you already know, so you can sing along with me if you know the words) a biography of Jane Austen in verse using period forms. And just about 10 minutes ago, I finished my poem about Mansfield Park, the final outstanding poem in the collection of 187 poems that follow Austen from cradle to grave (and just a wee bit beyond). It's not the last poem in the collection (which is a sonnet about Austen's grave inside Winchester Cathedral), but it was the final one on the Massive List of Poems to Be Written.

Timeline for the Jane Project:

Inception of this idea: December 2006
Research commenced: January 2007
Writing commenced: February 2007
Writing concluded: July 21, 2010

It will be weird to wake up tomorrow and be able to start to think about other projects. Although I still have a bit of housekeeping to do: some revisions to finish, some poems still to go to my erstwhile first readers, and a massive bit of bibliographic work to get done. But as of the moment, no poems left on the "to be written" list.

I believe I've earned an ice cream sandwich. And perhaps I'll pop the cork on the champagne in the fridge come dinner time. (Eep! Better get started on that!)

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