July 24th, 2010

too fond of books

SKYWRITING: Poems to Fly by J. Patrick Lewis

The very kind people at The Creative Company sent me a (very lovely) box of books a while back. One of the books inside was SKYWRITING: Poems to Fly by J. Patrick Lewis, illustrated by Laszlo Kubinyi. The book contains thirteen poems arranged chronologically from "The Flight of Icarus" (c. 800 B.C.) to "The Space Shuttle Columbia STS-109" (2002), and it comes complete with the sorts of bells & whistles that make me happy - a Table of Contents, Endnotes and a Timeline. All of the poems are in verse (one in blank verse, the rest in variants of rhyme).

The collection is a mix of fun and history, some of which is included in the poems and some of which is in the back matter. There are poems about hot air balloons and zeppelins, poems about ornithopters, planes that flew well and planes that didn't fly at all. Oh. And there's this one about a rocket belt:

Bell Rocket Belt
by J. Patrick Lewis

I'm rising
Right here in the middle of the sky!

I throttle
The bottle
Of my rocket model --
Bazzooom! I'm a highflying guy

To ceiling --
And no sinking feeling.
A human can zoom up so fast

By rocket --
The shock at
What's in my back pocket --
A turbojet engine's a blast!

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