July 29th, 2010

obey the muse

I have a new project

Technically, I have two of them, with a third that I am deliberately tabling for while. I started one just as I finished the Jane Project - it's a poetry collection for middle grade readers, and if I can pull it off, it will be excellent fun.

The newest one sort of fell in my lap. Okay, technically, my friend Sara Lewis Holmes whispered it in my ear (sort of) in a recent email. And her suggestion took root and flourished, and I've started a new poetry collection for YA readers. And yes, dear marketplace, I know that collections for older readers never ever sell. That will not deter me from writing this particular collection. I have stuck my fingers in my ears and sung "la la la la" about that bit of marketing information, in hopes that this collection proves the exception to that particular "rule."

And no, I'm not (yet) telling you what either collection is about. But I foresee this YA one moving along at a much faster pace than the middle-grade, because I am quite frankly ON FIRE about this idea. So much so that I've started writing it even though I'm not yet done my revisions on the middle-grade collection I wrote late last year. I am, however, requiring one revised poem for the collection I call the Body Poems (such a crap working title - and so very off-target) each day before I move to the Shakespeare Poems. (Oh no! Did I just tell you what I'm working on? *skips off to play with words*)

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