July 31st, 2010

hey nonny nonny

Sigh No More

So I was thinking about Much Ado About Nothing for some or all of the following reasons:

1. Mary Lee was talking about it on her blog and on Twitter.
2. It's one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. So very many great lines.
3. I'm working on my mysterious Shakespeare poems.

And I went back and read through my posts on the play (where I laughed at my own jokes and cringed at/edited out a few typos), and Benedick's line near the end about man being "a giddy thing" called to mind a lyric from a song by Mumford & Sons, a band that has been in heavy rotation on my iTunes of late. In a song entitled "Sigh No More".

And yes, there's a song called "Sigh No More" in Much Ado, but the lyrics to Mumford & Sons don't use Shakespeare's words. Except that they DO! Instead of simply taking Shakespeare's lyrics, Mumford & Sons has borrowed from here and there within the play to create their own lyrics. "Serve God, love me, and mend" comes from Benedick's conversation with Beatrice in which they discuss being in love. You can listen to the Mumford & Sons song here. (I'm also extremely fond of "Little Lion Man", "The Cave", and "Winter Winds", although the whole album is pretty great.)

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