December 7th, 2018


Cookie Time

This month, my poetry sisters and I wrote list poems. Mine is half recipe, half doggerel, but it uses at least THREE of the words we needed to choose from, and we were only required to use two, so I consider it a win.

The real win, of course, is getting to write poetry month after month with these beautiful ladies, whom I love.

Cookie Time
Grab the flour, sugar, butter
Stir until it’s mixed up well.
Sift to find the cookie cutters:
Stars will work, perhaps a bell.

Throw the whole tray in the oven
Hope none of the edges singe
Decorate with sprinkles, icing,
Grab the milk: it’s time to binge

Watch a movie, read a book
Tinsel up a Christmas tree
There are still some cookies left:
Two for you and one for me

Here are the links to the rest of my sisters:


Happy Friday, all!