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Absolutely Maybe Naked Mole Rats

This morning, I picked up my friend Lisa, first-grade teacher extraordinaire (seriously - she's won awards and everything!), and we tally-hoed our way to Children's Book World in Haverford, PA. Yes, I have to pay tolls and drive at least an hour to get to an independent children's book store. And yes, I do it several times a year (including trips to Booktender's Secret Garden in Doylestown, PA and Moravian Book Store in Bethlehem, PA). But I digress.

Lisa and I went to see and hear Mo Willems reading his newest picture book, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. As luck would have it, we also got to hear him read (okay, "perform" is more like it) Are You Ready to Play Outside?, which is the latest easy reader (or, as Mo termed it, "hard writer") in the Elephant and Piggie series. For those who don't already know this, Piggie is named Piggie, and Elephant is named Gerald. It's an auditory pun: "Elephant Gerald". (I had to explain it to Lisa, who is a visual learner and couldn't sort out the musical reference.)

While there, I bought Naked Mole Rat (plus The Pigeon Wants a Puppy), which Mo signed for me.

Mo: "Who's Kelly?"
Me: "Um, I am actually. It's for my rather extensive picture book collection."
Mo: . . .
Me: "I figure it makes sense to learn from the masters."
Mo: "You need to read a lot of picture books."
Me: "I do."
Mo: "Good."

Not that Mo intended to give me writing advice, but still, it was pretty nice of him to bother whilst drawing pigeons and mole rats in my books.

Also while there? I bought Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee. It's also in stock at my local Barnes and Noble stores, although I believe the lovely Ms. Yee, Girl Genius is under the impression that her book is not out yet. But it So Totally is (references to some of her earlier books entirely intentional). And the question mark there in the middle of the cover is totally three-dimensional, which is kinda extra cool.

After the book store, we had an excellent lunch at a nearby café, then danced and sang in the car all the way home (Coldplay and Muse and the soundtrack to Music & Lyrics). Lisa has dubbed it "The Best Day Ever".

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