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The Scar - an original poem for Poetry Friday

So here's the thing. For most of the spring, my writing buddy and first reader angeladegroot and I were doing weekly writing exercises. We started in March, after both of us accepted a February challenge by the ladies over at Merry Sisters of Fate and submitted pieces in response to a pictorial writing prompt posted there. (Some of you may remember my "La Belle Dame Sans Regrets", which came out of that exercise.) Back in November of 2008, Angela and I had attended a free writing seminar with Bonnie Neubauer, and we each bought a copy of her book, The Write-Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing. We took turns selecting the weekly topic.

And so it came to pass that one of us (I can't remember whom) selected Day 98: "Scarred Stiff". The instruction for that particular exercise was simple. "Finish the story. Start with: He had a scar . . . " Angela wrote a kick-ass short story. And I wrote the following poem, which went someplace I didn't expect it to go when I started out. M says it's creepy. I leave you to judge for yourself.

The Scar
by Kelly R. Fineman

He had a scar he never spoke about –
beneath his left eyebrow, a silvered slash.
One might assume it was a hockey stick
or a puck gone wild that left its mark;
the other hockey players had such scars,
so usually no one asked its origin.

But sometimes, someone – usually a girl –
inquired about its cause. He simply shrugged,
preferring silence to the ugly words
required to tell how one night, in his teens,
the screwdriver he'd used to stab his dad
deflected once, blood mixing, DNA
transferred a second time, father to son.
The fire he set erased all evidence,
but nothing could erase his father's scar.

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