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Holiday Dinner To-Do List - an original poem

I thought about posting Ezra Pound's poem, "Ancient Music", here today, but it's still under copyright. Plus, it might make you think I was in a horrible state of mind, since his poem (which I find hilariously funny) is a parody of the first-known polyphonic song written in English, Sumer is icumen in, which starts "Sumer is icumen in, lhude sing cuccu". Pound's poem begins "Winter is icumen in, lhude sing goddam". Heh.

Instead, I though I'd do something helpful for those of you who are hosting Christmas dinner at your houses, and post an original poem:

Holiday Dinner To-Do List
by Kelly R. Fineman

Begin your preparations five days ahead.
Defrost the silver,
Polish the turkey until it gleams.
Iron the table,
Fold the extra leaves into the tablecloth.
Four days ahead, shop.
Remember pie; forget salad – it is better left too late.
Start the oven two days before,
neverminding a day has been skipped.
Develop the cranberry sauce;
Combine the gravy giblets;
Finish the pie, but not whip the cream.
If stuffing the turkey, stale the bread.
Put rings on the glasses, lay knives to guard the plates.
One day before, store the casseroles:
Peel them into the fridge for safekeeping.
Remember salad.
On the holiday itself, baste the white wine.
Preheat the turkey. Stuff the oven.
Baste the potatoes; mash the salad;
Reheat the conversation; enjoy the side dishes.
After the meal: Brew the whipped cream.
Beat the coffee into stiff peaks with a bit of sugar.
Remember the rolls, unbake them.
Clear the guests, wash the table, wait for next year.

I can't tell you how many times the rolls have been either forgotten or burned in my family's history, whether at my grandmother's, mother's or my own table. The button below will take you to today's roundup over at Susan Taylor Brown's blog:

Enjoy your day and any remaining holiday preparations you may have!

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