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ALA 2010, part three

I left off at bedtime on Saturday. Sunday morning found my roommates, Tricia Stohr-Hunt & Laura Purdie Salas, and me back at the Convention Center for a few signings. I'd taken very few books from home to D.C. with me, even though I already own a fair number of books I'd have liked signed (including Will Grayson, Will Grayson - it was very silly of me not to take it, since John and David were signing together. Le sigh), but one that did come with me was All the World, written by my friend and fellow Poetry Princess, Liz Garton Scanlon, and illustrated by the wildly talented Marla Frazee. There they are on the right, signing copies for Tricia and me.

Next up, I went to Carrie Jones's signing to make sure that she had the line I'd assured her would be there. And of course she did, in part because she was signing with Simone Elkeles and Jessica Day George, although - truth be told - there were far more copies of Captivate and Need in line than anything else. In fact, I went back toward the end of their signing hour and Carrie was still signing away.

From left: Simone Elkeles, Jessica Day George, and Carrie Jones

Life is full of small coincidences, which is undoubtedly how I met Laurie Halse Anderson while we were both in line for lunch, so she joined Tricia, Laura, Tanita S. Davis and her husband, D, and me for lunch. It was great to catch up with her, and greater still for me to hear Laurie read from FORGE on the stage set in the middle of the convention floor. Laurie read two selections, and I cried at both. I cannot wait to read Corazon's story, and seriously, neither can you. Just the bits I heard assured me how very compelling and well-wrought it is. (The wrought/forge thing was initially accidental, but now that I've spotted it, I quite like it.)
By mid-afternoon, it was time to head back to the hotel in order to shower and dress for dinner, and to bid a fond farewell to Tricia, who had a full day of teaching ahead of her on Monday.

Here's me with Laurie during cocktail hour. She was positively glamourous in her gown:

Laurie Halse Anderson et moi

And here are Adrienne Furness (from What Adrienne Thinks About That) and Sara Lewis Holmes before dinner:

Adrienne Furness and Sara Lewis Holmes

During the banquet, I met Elaine Magliaro, long-time internet friend, in real life. Elaine is a bundle of energy, that's for sure. I only wish I had a filmed account of her meeting with Joyce Sidman, when Elaine quite literally dropped to her knees and bowed to Joyce in a Wayne's World, "I'm-not-worthy" sort of way. Joyce, who I'd just met, may or may not have told me to get on my knees when I requested a photo with her, but there we are standing happily together in the photograph to the left.

My meetings with both Joyce and Elaine were both far too short, since dessert and awards arrived to cut them short. Fortunately, I have photographs to remember them by!

And here's one with me and a simply stunning Liz Garton Scanlon while she waited in the post-banquet receiving line. I'm so happy for her book's success, which is entirely well-earned:

me with Liz Garton Scanlon

Later today, I'll post about Monday, which held so many high points of its own that I am still recovering from the excitement!

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