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It's July, and you know what that means . . .

It's time for the Tour! I go a bit nuts each July when the Tour starts, and I happily watch men on bicycles for hours (as I did for the prologue on Saturday and for Stage One yesterday - I'm watching Stage Two now, in the Ardennes). In fact, I've been known to watch live in the morning, then the rebroadcast later in the day, depending on the stage. Of course, this year, there's World Cup soccer to divert me, at least for a few more days - so come Wednesday and the semi-finals, I will likely miss at least part of the Tour in order to watch football. Yeah, I said it. I know I'm an American, so football is supposed to be something else, but in real life, I call soccer "football" about 1/4 of the time. (It is played with the feet, after all. Unlike American football, which is played largely with the hands.)

Anyone else out there watching the Tour?

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