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The beginning of the end

The other day, I reassessed what is left to be done for the Jane project, and I believe I have as few as 7 poems left to write. One of those (a summary of Emma, which I'm writing as an acrostic written in iambic pentameter and using what I like to think of as an extended sonnet in form) is underway and kicking my ass a bit. But I will show this poem who is boss. Eventually. Just because I've written and unwritten some lines more times than I can count thus far means nothing serious.

For those of you wondering, I don't have to write this poem as an acrostic. But given the amount of wordplay and the number of riddles and conundrums and games within the text of Emma, it seemed fitting to include a bit of a "game" in the poem about the book. I'd have gone with an acrostic sonnet, if I could, but "Emma Woodhouse" or "Emma Knightley" are both 13 lines long - and a sonnet has 14 lines. However, "Emma Woodhouse Knightley" (22 lines) allows me to choose between rhymed couplets or a poem using 5 quatrains plus a couplet. And to keep it interesting, I'm using cross-rhymed quatrains (ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH JKJK LL).

Being this close to the end of the Jane Project may keep me quieter than usual this month. Even though I still owe you the ending of Measure for Measure from last month, to say nothing of other plays. As Robbie Burns said, "the best-laid schemes o' mice an' men/gang aft agley."*

*from "To a Mouse" by Robert Burns.

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