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It's gettin' hot in here . . .

So hot, in fact, that I am contemplating taking off all my clothes, as advised in the song, but I will likely settle for a nice glass of ice water. Turns out that our air conditioner, she has a coolant leak. Nice of it to make itself manifest on a weekend, when it is 100 degrees outside. At least my HVAC guy called to say he'd be by tomorrow to top it off. Also? I am proud of my HVAC problem-solving savvy.

When faced with a hot house and a puddle of water on the basement floor near the inside unit, I (correctly) concluded that the core had frozen, resulting in us turning the entire system off for a few hours this morning so it could defrost. It is now limping along, keeping the house at a not-all-the-way-uncomfortable 80 degrees. As opposed to last night, when it was at least 85 in here. (Still cooler than outside at that point - stupid heat wave!)

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