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Baby Baby Baby! by Marilyn Janovitz

Boy, I sure hope my good friend Myra isn't reading this, because sometime soon, I'm going to be sending this book her way for her to read to her newish baby. The good folks at Sourcebooks were kind enough to send me a review copy of their new board book, Baby Baby Baby!, written and illustrated by Marilyn Janovitz.

The book is written in a bouncy sort of rhyme - as in the kind you might recite while bouncing a very small child on your knee - that rollicks along in a rhythmic way. The accompanying press release claims it's a going-to-bed sort of book, but it's not a sleepy sort of book at all. It's a playful, fun sort of book that talks about things like clapping, dancing, crawling, splashing, gigglin, chasing, hugging, and eventually sleeping. But given its playful nature, it's far more likely to result in a request to hear it again (AGAIN!) than to inspire actual drowsiness. (I do not think that is a bad thing, by the way. Being a board book, it's a total of 12 spreads involving 9 stanzas, so it doesn't take especially long to read, even if you clap, dance, kiss, hug, etc. along with the family inside the book.)

An excerpt:

Bitsy bouncy baby
On a bumpity lap
Mommy's little baby likes to

Teeny tiny feet
Tippy toes prance
Daddy's little baby likes to

The illustrations are every bit as simple, colorful and adorable as the cover. Fun rhymes paired with fun drawings in a sturdy board book format? What's not to like? I can assure you that if I didn't have this nice copy to share with Myra's baby, I'd probably have bought one for her when it goes on sale in October - it's that cute.

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