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Back tomorrow with at least one, and possibly two, Sense & Sensibility posts. I was going to do one tonight, but I'm a bit addlepated at present.

Is it because I voted? No, although I did vote early this afternoon.

Is it because I finished a new poem today and then worked on the outline for my YA novel-in-progress? No, although I did that as well.

Is it because I went to the wonderful Children's Book World in Haverford, PA in order to see Laurie Halse Anderson speak to a packed store about FORGE? Not exactly. I mean, it was wonderful to see all the lovely folks of CBW and to see Laurie again (who got to meet my M). And it was fantastically entertaining and inspirational to hear her speak about writing and research and such.

But the real reason for the addlepatedness is that I am still a bit shaken (but not stirred) after the car accident that occurred on our way home. M and I were minding our own business, driving through Bala Cynwyd (Welsh name, pronounced nothing like the actual Welsh), chatting about how awesome Laurie was when a woman coming the opposite direction decided to turn left . . . directly into the back half of my beloved minivan. Turns out she figured that since she had a green light, she didn't need to yield to oncoming traffic (and we also had a green light - she didn't have an arrow or anything along those lines). Both M and I are physically okay - a few twinges here and there, which will, if experience is correct, be stiff and sore tomorrow - but my poor van, she is jacked up. The back sliding door still slides open (strangely enough) and the gas tank still opens (ditto), which you wouldn't necessarily expect from looking at the way everything back there is bashed around.

The police came exceedingly quickly, the officer in charge was lovely (and even gave M some advice when he learned that she's currently taking driver's ed. in school), and the insurance guy on the phone was a doll. Tomorrow afternoon I take the car to an appraiser, and I expect calls from the adjuster as well. I'm just hoping the frame isn't bent and/or that there's not some sort of secret damage that totals my car out, because that would truly suck.

To sum up the day:

Voting: good
Writing: good
Laurie Halse Anderson & Children's Book World: excellent
Car accident: not so good

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Nov. 3rd, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
Well, criminitly! I'm glad you and M are ok. (((Hugs)))
Nov. 3rd, 2010 02:40 pm (UTC)

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