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My reading as Featured Poet in March

Back on March 22nd, I was the featured reader at a reading sponsored by Maverick Duck Press. The room was pretty crowded, actually - the reading was held at The Daily Grind, a small, independent coffee place on a corner of High Street in Mount Holly. I was especially excited to meet Jen Groff (jenlibrarian), who drove all the way from Lancaster, PA, to attend my reading. After a nice introduction from Kendall Bell, one of the publishers at Maverick Duck press, I read for about 25 minutes, followed by an open mic, during which I heard some terrific poems. Here's the photo of Jen and me that was taken by my friend, Bruce Niedt (whose marvelous poem, "January Aubade", I posted last week). That's Kendall in the background, reading something in Bruce's recent chapbook.

It was a really good night, made even better by Jen's company. There's always something a little magical about meeting in person someone you've only known online. To date, I've found that the people who I really like from "meeting" them online turn out to be people I really like in person, and Jen is no exception to the rule. Also, she gave me a lovely bunch of tulips that opened and stayed gorgeous for a full week. So. Great.

The Book Launch for U.S. 1 Worksheets in April

This past Sunday, I attended the launch party for the most recent collection put out by U.S. 1 Poets' Cooperative, possibly the oldest running critique group in the country (or world, even). My poem, "Stuck Doing Chores on a Summer's Evening", was part of their 40th Anniversary Issue. It's a parody of Robert Frost's poem, "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening", and I will post it a bit later today.

The poem got a hugely positive response (lots of laughter and applause). And when I say lots, I mean that there were about 150 people in the room. It was a wonderful thing to be part of the party, and to get to hear so very much original poetry - I'd estimate that somewhere around 60 poets read, and some of them read poems of people who were absent, so it was at least 70 poems that were shared.

I cannot say that one place was better than the other, however. It was wonderful to see friends at both places, and there's something lovely about a small crowd where you know almost everyone, just as there's something good about a large crowd where you only know a few people.

And now, I'm off to post my poem for you.

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