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Over at Guys Lit Wire

For those of you who don't already know, Guys Lit Wire is a group blog designed to recommend a wide variety of books with appeal to teenage boys. The blog came into existence after a group of book bloggers, myself included, recognized that "whether or not boys want to read more, finding books for boys is not so easy." To quote from the "About" page a bit more:

Guys Lit Wire exists solely to bring literary news and reviews to the attention of teenage boys and the people who care about them. We are more than happy to welcome female readers - but our main goal is to bring the attention of good books to guys who might have missed them. The titles will be new or old and on every subject imaginable.

I've been blogging there the second Tuesday of the month since the blog started, usually talking about poetry, but with other books mentioned as well.

Today's selection is an "other book."

It's my review of Around the World by Matt Phelan, a graphic novel recounting of three people who circumnavigated the globe by themselves in the late 1800s. I love how Matt captured not only the details of their journeys, but also managed to convey a bit of why they undertook the trip, and demonstrated what it took for them to keep motivated and keep going.

I purchased my copy at Children's Book World last week, and was lucky to bump into Matt, who signed it for me. Here we are, posing for a photo (during an event featuring other authors, no less):

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