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It's the latest in the PINK CARNATION series, and I quite enjoyed it, although I was Seriously Put Out that it came out straight to paperback when most of the rest of my collection is in hardcover. Apparently, they don't make those anymore? Whatevs.

This book tells the tale of Miss Gwen, the somewhat dragonish chaperone who accompanies Jane (the Pink Carnation) throughout the earlier books. I was happy with Gwen's story, but had a few disconnects. Like, the fact that she was at all attractive caught me off guard, since she always came off as gargoylish in earlier books. And that she was tall and slender was a bit of a shocker, too, since I had imagined her average height and possibly a bit plump. And that she and Jane were not actually that close (anymore) also came as a jolt. I mean, I can see how it serves Willig's purpose in pairing Miss Gwen off and all, but still . . . it didn't feel true to me as a reader, even with her best efforts in setting it up via Gwen's internal dialogue.

I did, however, like Gwen's romance and partnership with Colonel William Reid, who arrived from India just in time for this book's adventure. He was such a likable guy back in Penelope's book that I enjoyed seeing him and his daughter (whom we met in Turnip's book) again. It will be interesting to see where Willig goes from here, but I call Jack Reid to marry Jane Wooliston one of these days. It just seems like the perfect fit somehow. (If you've been reading these books, too, I hope you'll chime in with your opinions!)

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Aug. 26th, 2013 11:30 pm (UTC)
I haven't been keeping up...in fact, I really need to return and start them over again (I think I've read through the one before Orchid, and I have Orchid sitting on my TBR pile).
Aug. 27th, 2013 11:40 pm (UTC)
I really loved some of the earlier books, and some of my favorites are books 3 (Letty & Geoff), 4 (Mary & Lord Vaughn - probably my absolute fave), and 7 (Turnips's book, which comes close to tying Mary's book), which I note works out mathematically extremely well.

I am really a bit disgruntled that they delayed this book the way they did to launch The Ashford Affair, and that we now have an entire year until the next book, which is, I believe, Turnip's sister Sally's book. And I think that she's planning to write a book for the elder Reid sister, who is in the latest book.
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