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It's the final countdown

Which, unfortunately, has summoned this to mind:

You're welcome.

What I meant by my subject line was that I have reached the final stretch of prepping the house for sale, which has included a lot of decluttering and cleaning. There is still a bit more to be done, of course, but soon (as in 10 days hence), I will be meeting with the realtor and getting the house listed for sale.

Friends, I do not feel ready.

Allow me to clarify: I am emotionally ready. I am just not done all the stuff that needs to be finished, and so I have made a list for this week, which my sweetheart and I are attempting to execute, so that we can go through another extensive list for next week, and see what can be done.

We are waiting for people to move stuff out of my house (things going to storage for the kids, pieces being taken by friends), and trying to figure out how to get more things that need to be disposed of gone, while still allowing us to stage the house for sale. And we have started moving things to my sweetheart's house. Not a trip takes place but that something moves, even if it's something small like hangers. Or serving bowls.

But still . . . so much to do. And I really just want it to be done, because I am, apparently, impatient. (Those of you who know me well probably just spit coffee or tea onto their monitors, because DUH, probably everyone knows I'm impatient. But still!)

My current goal is to remain calm and focused, and not to start spinning in circles senselessly. More meditation might help. And/or more wine. And remembering that this craziness is temporary, and that the ultimate goal (moving) will help me to follow my annual goal for this year, which is to do more of what makes me happy.

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