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Let the building of bookshelves commence!

I suppose that if you read the subject line to this here blog post, then you have some idea what my sweetheart and I were up to this weekend. You see, I already owned two Ikea Billy bookcases, in white. One of them is 31-1/2 inches wide, and the other is just over 23-1/2". (They do not make this size anymore). On Friday, we purchased another 31-1/2" case plus a 15-3/4" one. (We may end up getting another skinny case, if all goes perfectly well. We are literally talking about 1/4" making the difference between what the finished product looks like.

We are putting together a wall of bookcases that, if luck runs with us, will completely fill the available space along one wall in my writing room, giving me just under ten feet of shelves. The plan is to then "hack" the cases into looking like a wall full of built-ins through the clever application of moulding and trim.

I will share a photo of the book wall once it's finished. Meanwhile, I have two more bookcases to build for use as pantry storage inside our laundry room. (We considered cupboards, but they would have cost about $900, and the bookcases - with doors for the bottom halves - came to less than $300, so we loaded those cases onto our cart as well and have more building to do.)

And now, I believe I have some cases to build. And things to paint (at both houses). Wish me luck!

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