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A IS FOR AWESOME by Dallas Clayton

Dallas Clayton seems to know a little something about doing more of what makes him happy, which, as it turns out, is inspiring others and making them happy. He has written a rhyming alphabet book featuring all the amazing words you might think of. Hence, "A is for AWESOME and also AMAZIN'/B is for BEAUTIFUL big bold and brazen".

It's all about having a positive attitude. Literally. And the pages are filled with his drawings of other actual THINGS that begin with the letter in question, so that A has an aardvark, astronaut, anchor, anvil, arm, angel, ankle, atom, arrow, alligator, axe, and a guitar. I'm assuming it's also an ax? No se, but here's the image:

The book is a tribute to positivity and creativity, as seen in these couplets that I especially like:

I is IMAGINE IDEAS all your own
J JUST remember you're never alone
K is for KIDS being KIDS (that's the coolest)
L is for LIVING LIFE up to its fullest

Truth be told, I'm having a hard time not just quoting the entire book to you for its inspiration and cleverness. I'll leave you with this: "Q is for QUIET to escape from the madness/R is for READING but also for radness."

Rad indeed. And I'm being serious. My thanks to the good folks at Candlewick for this review copy. It's one I'll be holding onto to read to myself on those days when I need a bit of a pick-me-up. It's one that you might want to have around for the same reason.

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