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Downsizing continues

That's right. Even after a year of prep work and all the many, many trips to Goodwill, donations to other places, transfers of items to other people, and deposits in the trash, there are still things that need to be downsized. And I'm not just talking about stuff that was "hiding" here at my sweetheart's house this whole time. I'm talking about my own belongings.

Yesterday, I realized how untidy our walk-in closet had become, and started to do something about it. Part of what was required was putting away a few items that had space available. Part of the as-yet unresolved issue is that there's additional stuff to put away for which space is not yet readily available. I dealt with what I could and deferred the rest, at least temporarily.

But while I was there, I decided to take down a storage box holding summer shirts and shorts so I could empty it, replace the contents with sweaters that I won't wear again until at least autumn, and put the box back. And while I was at it, I forced myself to assess the contents of the box, which contained at least one shirt I didn't wear at all last year, and a few pairs of shorts that really ought to go away because they don't fit right.

I still have a stack of shirts to hang, which is part of today's project, along with a few other tasks, but I am pleased to have a bag of clothing to donate on our next trip to Goodwill. And I have to clean up my sweetheart's office a bit once the new windows are installed (replacement windows are going in as I type, so my house is a busy, noisy sort of place), so I expect to find another handful of items to move out as well.

Because I am sticking with my Official Policy:

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Apr. 30th, 2014 12:44 pm (UTC)
I have a few copies of it around the house on pretty paper.
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