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All the other dinosaurs at school manage to move from center to center without an issue, but everywhere that Tyrannosaurus goes, TYRANNOSAURUS WRECKS! Until, that is, poor Tyrannosaurus finds himself being shunned by his classmates for making a mess all the time; then he makes a concerted effort to be a bit more careful, and what do you know? His classmates are much happier to have him in their group! (And it turns out that he's not the only one who makes a mess now and then--whew!)

The book is written in rhyme and seemingly effortlessly manages to convey the names of A LOT of different dinosaurs in the process. Unlike some other books aimed at children's behavior (including one that came out this spring featuring a different dinosaur), the text doesn't lecture or become in any way didactic. Tyrannosaurus realizes on his own that his conduct really needs to change if he wants to be allowed to play in groups with other kids, and is also let off the hook a little bit by the fun (surprising) ending where someone else makes a mess (albeit by accident).

A must-buy for the toddler, pre-K and kindergarten set, and a truly fun read-aloud. And yes, I know Sudipta in person and have had meals with her and such, but this is pretty much an unbiased review (as unbiased as it can get, at least)!

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