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S IS FOR SEA GLASS: A Beach Alphabet by Richard Michelson, ill. by Doris Ettlinger

An abecediary about the beach, including two poems that I directly related to because of my own work: "B is for Boardwalk", which reminds me of my own picture book, and "J is for Jellyfish", which reminds me of my own poem, "Sea Jelly", although of course Richard's poems are quite different from mine!

Two of my particular favorites in the book are "H is for Horizon" and "T is for Tide". Here's the text for the letter H:

H is for Horizon
by Richard Michelson

Where does the sea stop and the sky begin?
Where does the sun rise when the dawn slips in?
Where does the ship sail when its sails disappear?
Is it under the ocean? Is it up in the air?

If I travel the world or stay here on this beach,
The horizon will always be just beyond reach.
But it's real as my dreams and it's always nearby--
That magical line where the sea meets the sky.

Magical indeed, both the horizon and the poem itself.

And here is the letter T:

A wonderful tour through the alphabet and the beach, and the art is gorgeous throughout. It would make a terrific summer read, and is easy to dip in and out of (like the ocean). Perfect for summer story times or bed times, and for families who love the beach. My thanks to the good folks at Sleeping Bear Press for sending me a review copy!

And, you know, if you want to pair it with my At the Boardwalk, well, I wouldn't mind keeping the beach theme rolling.

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