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The thing about autoimmune diseases is that you can just never tell what's going to happen next. Turns out I've now got something called "inappropriate tachycardia", which is a fast heartbeat that doesn't seem to be caused by a problem with my actual heart. And it might be a side effect of the drug I take for my rheumatoid arthritis, so now I have to not take it for a couple weeks to see if my heartbeat drops back into normal ranges. Time will tell.

Also? Sometimes you can tell what will happen next. Last Friday, my daughter Maggie left for Italy. She goes to school in Massachusetts, and had to get to Newark airport in time to check in for her flight. And she couldn't leave until noon, because she had a presentation in class worth 30% of her grade. Also? She gets kind of anxious about travel timing.

I drove up to Massachusetts on Thursday, and on Friday, miraculously managed to get her to Newark airport on time. (Many thanks to all and sundry who sent prayers or good thoughts for clear roads for us.) I then immediately got stuck in horrific traffic, so it took me an extra hour to get home (two hours and 45 minutes for what should take about and hour and a half). Since then, I've been pretty well crashed, and have had to miss multiple scheduled events. Not cool, but not uncommon when one has multiple autoimmune issues. Still, I'm hoping to start to perk back up soon.

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Nov. 24th, 2014 11:57 pm (UTC)
That driving sounded so stressful just to hear about it. I guess it's not surprising you're sadly having to tolerate its costs. Hope rest gets you back on track, and the heartbeat can be managed. Take care of your good self!
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