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Happy New Year!

I am starting 2015 off with poetry, along with apple pie, meditation, a walk and more. (In case what we do on the first day of the year really is what we'll be doing all year.) As I said yesterday, my guiding word for this year is EXPLORE. Here's a poem I wrote that is pretty much an invitation to do just that. It also happens to be the title poem for my chapbook, which comes out from Maverick Duck Press in March of this year.

The Universe comes knocking

on the front door. Bare-knuckled,
eschewing doorbell or knocker.
It carries a large carpetbag
full of wonders and possibilities.
There may be a miracle in there,
even two – it's hard to tell,
and sometimes a matter of perspective.
Will you answer? Or will you ignore
the unexpected visitor until it goes?

. . .

This year, I think I'll answer. And you?

The image is from Creative Commons and is by Hedwig Kopp-Delaney.

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