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An original villanelle - a Poetry Friday post

Remember the other day when I said I was working on a new villanelle? (And then proceeded to explain what a villanelle is and how to write one, rather than, you know, focusing on my own work? Ahem.)

Well, today is the reveal of the poem that I wrote as part of the latest group project with my lovely Poetry Sisters. Growing up, I always wanted a sister, and now I have six of them. Lucky me! We all decided to write about something "hidden" - and the topics are all very different. In honor of Liz Scanlon's lovely daughter, and because that daughter's English teacher is simply WRONG and INCORRECT and the sort of autodidact of whom I don't approve, this poem is untitled.

Though clouds and storms may darken day to night,
witch hazel buds grow ripe, prepare to bloom.
As winter gathers strength, it gathers light.

Already flocks wing northward. It’s their plight
to go and come. Through winter skies they zoom,
though clouds and storms may darken day to night.

Blue jays and sparrows, juncoes all alight
on sap-rich branches, strong despite the gloom.
As winter gathers strength it gathers light.

Snow heaps itself in massive drifts of white.
Earth harbors nascent life in its vast womb,
though clouds and storms may darken day to night

while wind gusts rattle houses, causing fright.
It’s not as if cold weather is all doom
as winter gathers strength. It gathers light

and somehow heat as well. Plants grow despite
a patina of ice. New buds resume
though clouds and storms may darken day to night.
As winter gathers strength, it gathers light.

My lovely Poetry Sisters have written villanelles as well. You can find them here:

Tricia Stor-Hunt wrote about the Chateau de Gudanes, and it's a lovely trip of a poem.
Tanita Davis wrote two, and has a real affinity for this form.
Sara Lewis Holmes made me feel better by finishing her poem even later than I did!
Liz Garton Scanlon wrote about King Tut and/or about how things aren't always as they appear. Love how rich with meaning her poem is.
Laura Purdie Salas has been talking about (and to) rocks. Love the playfulness of this poem.
Andi Jazmon has written about the life hidden within a seed.

I hope you'll check out all six of the other poems, and if you want still more poetry, click the box below for the Poetry Friday roundup.

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