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On this Wednesday

Today has been a wonderful day, even though there's been nothing earth-shaking to report. I did my morning pages, made lunch, took a walk with my sweetheart, took a nap.

But if I look more closely at my day, I an see why it's been wonderful. Last week, I started The Artist's Way (a book by Julia Cameron, which is actually a twelve-week program to help you loosen up and find your creativity). I find that the morning pages are helpful in two specific ways: they calm my brain a bit, so I'm less scattered/reactive for the day (unless something crazy occurs, like horrifying traffic with a near-accident, which was my yesterday afternoon), and they give me a feeling of accomplishment, even though technically I haven't done anything much. I was going to say "anything productive", but I find the pages to be fairly productive, even if they are just tucked away (which they are).

10359551_783788888356473_2150986237704919909_nFor lunch, I made Chickpea Orzo Pilaf, which my sweetheart and I enjoyed with some of the homemade Irish soda bread I made the other day. It's not a difficult thing to make, as long as one has chili sauce on hand - the rest is pretty much all standard pantry stuff. The chili sauce is unusual for me - I only get it because of this recipe, although it makes amazing cocktail sauce when mixed with horseradish.

After lunch, we took a walk to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It was cold enough that we needed gloves and hats, along with our winter coats, but the birds were quite active - robins galore, nearly swarming a nearby cul-de-sac, and other birds calling from the trees. And the sunshine was wonderfully warm. Plus I found a shiny shiny penny! See, it does pay to exercise!

Our nap was my favorite sort, where my sweetheart and I cuddle under the afghan that my grandmother Ramsdell made for me years ago, and the cat curls up on top of us. We end up in a cozy, sleeping pile together.

After our nap, I did a bit more prep for the online art course I'm taking starting this Saturday. I've joined Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo e-course, and I've been acquiring various art supplies over the past ten days or so. I am full of nervous anticipation, and hopeful that I come up with at least one piece that I truly love by the end of it. Meanwhile, I'm committed to the process. Also? I'm a bit in love with Tracy, in part because she says things like this in her greeting video:

"Finding your voice is the most important thing that there is-- and along with that, knowing that your voice is actually really, really worth it."

"I began to be the navigator of my own soulful journey."

I wouldn't have had the nerve to sign up for the Paint Mojo course without having started The Artist's Way, and as it turns out, it appears that what the Paint Mojo course is doing dovetails super well with it. Both are about loosening up and tapping into your creativity, and that's something I've been feeling the need for of late.

Anyway, what makes today a wonderful day isn't that it's remarkable or even noteworthy. It really is all about noticing the details. That pretty much makes the difference between a day that passed by and a day well-spent.

Tell me something good about your day.

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Feb. 12th, 2015 04:26 pm (UTC)
I bought Julia's book. I was doing really well with it and writing my morning pages. And then I stopped. I really do need to get back to doing that. It was so helpful, and it made me feel good.

The lunch you made sounds delicious! And naps are wonderful things!

I noticed the birds here a couple of days ago. Lots of bird song! I love it!

Your art course sounds lovely. I hope you have a wonderful time with it!
Feb. 13th, 2015 09:33 pm (UTC)
I love your comments, each and every one of them. I am finding that I am not inclined to do any actual writing at present, which is not how I'm "supposed" to be feeling, I'm sure, but I'm trusting that the urge will return. I start my actual painting course tomorrow, and am also doing some online "improve your health" stuff. It's like I'm doing a full-time course in sorting myself out at present, which is okay with me.

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