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Copernicus - a Poetry Friday post

Two weeks from today is the launch of my first-ever chapbook, The Universe Comes Knocking: poems, which is being published by Maverick Duck Press. Here's one of the poems that will be inside that collection:


Fixed like a newel post for years,
how jarring it must have been
that first day Copernicus set the Earth in motion,
flinging it round the sun
in an elliptical trajectory,
tilting it like a wind-up top on an invisible axis,
twirling it like a spindle,
stormclouds gathering like so much wool.

Did he explain to his housekeeper what he had done,
or did he leave her standing puzzled by the well,
wondering why the ewer of water pitched
itself on the flagstones below?

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Tags: fineman, free verse, original poems, poetry, poetry friday, the universe comes knocking

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