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Poetry-related stuff

Let's see:

1. I have a post up at Guys Lit Wire today with a review of Aimless Love by Billy Collins. The post includes two poems, plus a link where you can see/hear him read a third. Here you go.

2. On Sunday, I was one of the (many) readers at the launch party for this year's U.S.! Worksheets Review, in which I am fortunate to have placed my poem, "Big Dog Snow". Many thanks to the good folks at U.S.1 Worksheets for having me!

3. I have several ideas for poetry collections knocking around in my head at the moment. They all seem to want my attention equally, with none of them clamoring more loudly than the others, so I may just do a bit on each and see if one in particular wants to take off. What's the harm?

4. Next week is National Coin Week. Why is this poetry-related? Because my poem, "Pocket Change", is all about American coins, and is designed to be used during National Coin Week!

Pocket Change
by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

The dime's the smallest, thinnest coin
made by the U.S. Mint.
It features Franklin Roosevelt,
a U.S. President.

The five-cent nickel's named after
the metal it comes from--
with Monticello on the back
and, on front, Jefferson.

The Lincoln penny's worth one went;
one hundred make a buck.
Some people think if you find one,
you'll have a lot of luck.

George Washington, first President,
is every quarter's face.
Each quarter's back shows different things,
like monuments and states.

You might keep coins inside a bank,
in pockets, or a jar.
They tell you U.S. history
no matter where they are.

And on that note . . . I'm off to work on a new poem.

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