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Untitled pantoum by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

This month, my poetry sisters and I were up to pantoums, a Malaysian form which I explained here. If you've been able to read blogs this week (and really, if you haven't, I totally understand), you may have seen one I wrote that draws attention to the horrifyingly high suicide rate among U.S. veterans.

Today's is not about that, but is about time. In addition to writing a pantoum, the goal was to use either the word "certainties" or "flight", or both. (I only used the first.)

There are no certainties in life,
though death and taxes come to all.
Do not go gently into that good night--
Is that the best advice we can hope for?

Though death and taxes come to all,
it is important to enjoy the time we have.
Is that the best advice we can hope for,
that “carpe diem” philosophy?

It is important: to enjoy the time we have,
we have to lose ourselves in the flow of time.
That carpe diem philosophy
has it backwards. We must let go.

We have to lose ourselves. In time
we’ll find something better, a place we can
take back words, or let them go
floating in rivers of starlight.

We’ll find something better. A place we can
go gently into that good night,
floating in rivers of starlight.
There are some certainties in life.

Here are the links to the pantoums written by my lovely poetry sisters:

Sara Lewis Holmes at Read Write Believe.

Tanita Davis at Fiction, Instead of Lies.

Andi Jazmon at A Wrung Sponge.

Laura Purdie Salas at her website, who wrote hers while in Ireland.

Liz Garton Scanlon at Liz in Ink.

Tricia Stor-Hunt at The Miss Rumphius Effect, who got us started with this form.

I hope you'll check out all six of the other poems.

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