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Last night's poetry reading

It was a small group last night for my reading at Barnes & Noble, but not so small as to be tiny, and that made for a good reading.

I mostly read new work, nearly all of it being read aloud to a group for the first time, which resulted in me fumbling a few words here and here, and on one occasion, moving from one poem right into another without stopping. Alas. Still, it was good to read, and to try out new material. My "Ode to the F-word" seemed to be a hit, and was the poem with which I closed.

Today, some errands (despite the ungodly humidity and high temperatures), and some administrative catch-up work. So much to do, yet I'm reminded of what my grandmother Ramsdell used to say: "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get." (An old PA Dutch saying, I believe.)

My thanks (again) to those who turned out for the reading, and to Barney Oldfield for asking me to read in the first place.

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