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Two found poems for Poetry Friday

Whereby I cheat on this particular project with my poetry sisters and use an old poem I've got lying about. In part because I have had energy issues this past month and have been pretty flatlined this week, and in part because I don't actually believe in found poems, since I worry about copyright issues and more. (You can read past posts on them by clicking the "found poems" link to the right, if you'd like.)

Anyhoo . . . here are two, both made from Beatles' titles. And I really believe the first one with all my heart right now, too:

by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

I am so tired.
I believe
I will
do it in the road.

Fab Four Found Poem
by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

Do you want to know a secret?
I want to tell you.

While my guitar gently weeps,
and your bird can sing
for no one.
I've got a feeling:

You won't see me
here, there and everywhere.
There's a place--
a beginning --
the long and winding road --
If I needed someone,
oh! darling,
step inside
through the bathroom window.

Please. Please?

P.S. I love you.

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