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Pride and Prejudice: an etheree

This month, my poetry sisters and I are tackling etherees, an American form poem named after its creator, Etheree Taylor Armstrong. Similar to a cinquain, the etheree is based on syllable counts: it's typically a 10-line form that begins with a single syllable on the first line and adds a syllable per line until it hits the concluding line. It can also be reversed, counting down from ten syllables to one.

I wrote one about autumn, which I didn't love. And then another about true love that didn't really sing for me the way I'd intended. So here is my take on Mr. Darcy's first proposal in Pride & Prejudice, which I am re-reading for the second time this year and have watched thrice in the past month (once for the 2005 movie, and twice for the full BBC series starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle).

Pride & Prejudice

walk in,
so sure of
your welcome, so
confident that I
would jump at your offer.
As if I could. As if your
attitude did not matter, your
prior actions did not signify.
Sorry, Mr. Darcy, I must decline.

It never occurred to me that you might
decline my proposal, or that my
recitation of my concerns
might be inappropriate.
I thought that you were on
the same page as me.
I can’t believe
that I may
have lost

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