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Caged Goddess - an original poem for Poetry Friday

This month, my poetry sisters and I decided to write ekphrastic poems. Ekphrasis is the writing of words (or music) based on a visual image, often a word of art. If you're interested in more ekphrastic poems, you can click the "ekphrasis" link at the base of this post, which will take you to prior posts of mine.

All seven of us based our poems on the same image, which is below, and was found by Tanita Davis. To me, this sculpture seemed a goddess, as you can see. I wish I had the proper photographic credit to let you know whose image this is, but I do not.

Caged Goddess
by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

She is gathering
in the garden,
in her cage,
each moment
more herself,
rough spots
papered smooth,
spaces closing
as seconds pass.

She consents
to confinement,
knows she is
never diminished
by limits or
boundaries that
others impose.
She silently thrives
on her belief
in her own power.

This building
not her home,
this shell not
her essence.
She will not
be contained.
When she wills,
she will walk
free, glass ceiling
be damned.

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