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Sedoka - a Poetry Friday post

This month, my poetry sisters and I are posting original sedoka. What's that? You never heard of those before? I hadn't either. I highly recommend this description of them and their history over at Kujaku Poetry & Ships, the blog of poet M. Kei.

A short poem of three lines, with (roughly translated) 5-7-7 syllables each, is called a katuata. Two katuata together, especially when related but exploring different aspects of something, form a sedoka. Each of the katuata ought to be able to stand alone, but form something more when combined. Interestingly, katuata is a form that is older than haiku by at least a thousand years. Funny that it's been eclipsed by the "newcomer", but perhaps that is the way of things.

Here is mine, which is based on Kismet, who you can see sleeping in the photo to the right.

small calico cat
never allowed out of doors
watches the world through windows
the wind gusts outside
brown leaves swirl on the back porch
cat stalks through glass, tail twitching

Here are the links for my lovely princess partners:

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