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Turning a new page

It's May day, or the 1st of May. Not that anyone near me would believe it based on the weather - it's rainy and chilly and very late March-feeling. Which is actually okay with me, inasmuch as I'd just as soon it not be monstrously hot anytime soon. Or perhaps ever. But I digress.

Having rejoined the blogging world last month with daily posts about poetic forms, I figured I'd continue the blogging, if not the poetic forms posts, this month. It makes me feel vaguely productive.

This week is going to be a bit of a mishmash, however, since it will eventually involve travel and my older daughter's college graduation (about which I am extremely excited). I'm figuring on seeing what I can get done in the meantime, and will be starting a new picture book manuscript today.

My good friend Angela De Groot wanted me to sign onto Picture Book Writing Week (which has such a horrible acronym that I refuse to use it), wherein one writes a picture book manuscript each day for 7 days. A worthy goal, but with the aforementioned graduation coming up, I'm not officially signing on or intending to write one per day for seven consecutive days. I will, however, see what I can do about writing one a day for, say, three of those days. Maybe four, if I'm really determined.

It is important, however, to be practical, something I become more convinced of every day, whether it's in looking at political candidates or assessing my own life. I am bolstered in this thinking by things such as this wonderful blog post by Saundra Goldman, where she says "Rather than ask how much you can accomplish in a day — which leads to exhausting to-do lists that never get done — ask yourself, what would be enough." To which I say: "Amen."

I've always been the queen of ridiculously long, exhausting to-do lists, and frankly, they can be a real burden to deal with. Even though they are self-generated and sometimes end up being more like "wish lists" than actual blueprints, they add pressure and stress to life that just aren't worth it. Moreover, those lists set one up for failure, and who among us likes to spend life feeling like a failure? So I'm joining Saundra in saying "enough!" and just seeing what would be enough of an expectation for myself each day, rather than striving to be an overachiever.

What are your goals this week?

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