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The Harpy Celaeno by Mary Pownall - a Poetry Friday post

This month's project for my poetry sisters and I involved another ekphrastic poem, this time based on an extremely fierce sculpture by Mary Pownall (later Bromet), a British sculptor who was extremely well-known in the early 1900s and now doesn't even merit her own Wikipedia page.

We were provided with several photographs taken by Tanita Davis when she was in Scotland at the Kelvingrove Museum. Here's one of the images she shared with us of "The Harpy Celaeno":

Copyright 2016 Tanita S. Davis

And here is the poem I wrote:

The Harpy Celaeno
by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

Winged monster,
eyes fixed in . . .

Darkest of harpies,
known to steal food,
drive men
to madness.

This female monster,
seen as a threat
with shrieks,
sharp talons.

This gripping sculpture,
bare-breasted, fierce,
herself her
own model.

First exhibited
the year she married:
Fair warning? or
last hurrah?

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