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Uphill by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman - a poetry sister's post

Today's poem is "inspired by" a poem by former Poet Laureate Kay Ryan, who is a favorite poet of mine. One of the things I admire so much about her is her dry wit, and also her use of internal rhyme, end rhyme, and slant rhyme and her focus on alliteration and assonance when writing her poems.

For this month's posts, my poetry sisters are using various of her poems (including "Turtle" and "All Shall Be Restored"). I opted to go with her poem "Atlas" as a model. Here is a link to the poem "Atlas", so you can read it. I love the ending: "there is so little/others can do:/they can’t /lend a hand/with Brazil/and not stand/on Peru."

To write my poem, which took far more thought and planning< I eventually seized on the idea of Sisyphus, pushing his boulder up the hill every day. And it resonated for me in lots of ways, especially since I have been in the throes of health issues lately. I've just started a new treatment protocol for my RA, and it isn't a one-dose fix. It's been wreaking havoc with my energy levels. But I digress . . . here's the poem.

by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

No pill helps push
rocks up hill.
Each evening lands
just like a boulder.
“It’s life,” they say.
“You can keep going,
but you can’t keep
from growing older.”

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