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An autumn clogyrnach - a Poetry Friday post

This month's challenge with my poetry sisters was to write a clogyrnach, a form of Welsh poetry that is a song form and is in the "odes" family. I therefore wrote a sort of ode to autumn, which has become my favorite season over the years.

The clogyrnach can have any number of stanzas, but each stanza typically has 32 syllables: the first two lines rhyme and have 8 syllables each (A), the next two lines also rhyme (with themselves--B) and have 5 syllables each, and then you get a pick of two 3-syllable lines (one that rhymes B and the second of which rhymes A) OR a single, 6-syllable line that is of two three-syllable sections that rhyme B-A.

I found that it was extremely easy for these to sound a lot like a limerick, and it really wasn't my preference. Here's proof of that:

Chrysanthemums outside the store
To be planted near one’s front door—
Although August still,
The mums give a thrill
Autumn will come once more.

So after some serious thought and reworking on my part, here's one that uses lots of enjambment, which mostly gets rid of that limerick-y feel:

Outside the store, chrysanthemums
cheerfully remind us: Fall comes
after August’s heat
dwindles. Birds retreat
southward, fleet as blossoms.

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