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Arlequin - Poetry Seven poems on Poetry Friday

Today's Poetry Seven post is supposed to be an ekphrastic poem based on an image that I chose. On photos I created, as it happens, when I was in Lyon, France, earlier this year and visited the Musée des Beaux Arts with my sweetheart. There were lots of gorgeous paintings and sculptures there, and it is SO worth your time if you are ever in Lyon - it's the largest art museum outside Paris or somesuch.

What really caught my eye while there was a statue in the middle of a gallery. It's a masked boy/young man, named Arlequin, and created by René de Saint Marceaux out of plaster. He was so smug and cock-sure, and you could get right up to him for photos.

copyright Kelly Ramsdell Fineman 2016

And here he is for his close-up of his looking down on you:

copyright Kelly Ramsdell Fineman 2016

The thing is, while I LOVE LOVE LOVE this statue and these images, I don't have a poem to offer about him. At least not yet. Life got in the way, between health issues and High Holidays, and time got away, and I am delinquent.

But these ladies are not. Please go read their spectacular work:


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