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The word for January

Of course, "January" is one word for January. It's name, based on Janus, I suppose, the two-faced god of doorways and thresholds and beginnings. (Except that some folks think the month is named after Juno, goddess of marriage and childbirth - and how did I not know that when the movie about a pregnant teen named Juno came out, but I digress.)

I know lots of folks who choose theme words or phrases for the year. I have been one of them in the past, at least on occasion. But this year, I am not. I have general notions of what I'd like to happen this year (including "resistance", in an affirmative sense), BUT I have been coasting along for so long without assessment or reflection or even much purpose or direction that I have decided to pick a them for the month of January. And that theme word is VISION.

Oh sure, it could be "planning" or "assessment" or possibly even "dreaming", but I'm going with VISION. I'm going to keep working on things that are underway, and will likely start new projects, but the primary thing I want to do this month is a lot of journaling and dreamwork. Where am I now, and where do I want to go? What do I want to do with my days and weeks? What writing and art do I want to undertake? What do I want to do with the writing and art that I've completed? What should my public identity look like? Heck - what NAME do I want to use? I built this platform ages ago using "Fineman" as my surname, but I haven't been Fineman for more than five years - should I keep it? Change it?

All of which is to say that as I undertake this particular journey this month, complete with things like vision boards and vision journaling and more, I will likely share a bit of what I'm up to, in case it's (a) of interest or (b) of use to anyone else.

Thanks for letting me share, and for reading along. (Comments welcome, as always.)

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