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The somonka - a Poetry Friday post

Today's Poetry Friday post is a somonka - a form of poetry that is often a correspondence form. It's basically a love poem written in two voices, using two tankas. (Here is a post on tanka construction, one on how the parts of a tanka relate to one another, one on tanka feminism, and final tanka thoughts.

Often, a somonka will be written by two poets in correspondence. My poetry sisters and I opted to write both parts of our poems ourselves. Here is mine for this week. I have to say, having done it, that I really want to write more of these. Like, a LOT more of them. So I guess I need to write Liz Garton Scanlon a big thank-you note, since this form was her choice.

You unfolded
as slow as a flower bud,
sharing your secrets
reluctantly at the start,
now confident of my love.

I learned not to trust
too easily—in the past
I was badly burnt.
You coaxed me with open hands,
with open heart, and with love.

And here are links to the works of my lovely poetry sisters:


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