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Self-Care 101: Be Kind to Yourself

On the one hand, this should go without saying. On the other, if you are anything like I, you are usually pretty hard on yourself. You'd rather focus on what you didn't get done than what you did.

Obviously, you would tell me that focusing on the stuff I didn't get to serves no real purpose, unless it's to increase my stress levels and the number of stress hormones coursing through my system (thereby making me feel physically worse than usual).

"Kelly," you might say, "unless you witnessed a crime and didn't report it (or similar), it isn't all that important." You would, of course, be right. I know this, because I'd tell you the same thing.


On a personal level, it's hard to keep that perspective. On Sunday evening, after a weekend away from home with Morris that required us to be up earlier every day than I am used to, I wrote a list of what I wanted to get to on Monday. It read as follows:

    Taxes - finish Morris business & my business, start rental property
    Liberty Bell

Yeah, some of that is more obscure than other bits. I managed to enter a couple things in my checkbook on Monday. And then I sat down and read Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman. I had precious little energy, tons of aches & pains, and allowed myself to get side-tracked in a big way. And it was the best possible use of my time. I thought about berating myself for not getting the other stuff done, but after starting down that road, I stopped short and opted to allow that things would be fine. And that I didn't need to complete the entire list at one go.

Why? Because it allowed my mind to be elsewhere. I forgot how tired and achy I was while I was reading. And Backman's prose is glorious. Also? It meant that I didn't overdo things (again) on Monday. Yesterday, I did the banking and finished the taxes (completely), and still had enough energy to roast a chicken for dinner and take a short walk with my husband.

Today, I'm hoping to get to at least one of those last two items, both of which are creative in nature. Art means "making art." Liberty Bell means "writing a draft of a new story." I legit didn't have the energy for it on Monday. And yesterday, those practical, every-day things seemed more important. Today, I'm ready to art. Or Liberty Bell.

Anyhow, when it comes to self-care, by all means, write your lists of things that you want and need to do. Pick a priority. But remember, too, to forgive yourself if your list proves to be more than you can do in a day (or three). Be kind to you. You can't take care of anyone else if you don't take care of yourself first. (Turns out that doesn't just apply to oxygen masks on airplanes.)

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